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How to get there

Traveling to Koh Phangan is easy and you don’t have to worry about being tricked by a bad guide. Only if you have a recent copy of the Lonely Planet, you can start your exotic journey easily.

Flying to Koh Phangan with 3 different airlines and airport

1. Bangkok airways ( :

  • Route : Bangkok - Koh Samui
  • Flights service every hour in high season.
  • Most convenient way for traveling to Koh Phangan
  • After landed, contact the transportation counter in the airport for a ticket to Koh Phangan (with transfer
  • Easiest pier to depart from Koh Samui is the Big Buddha pier (direct to Haad Rin pier) See all schedule of the boat below

2. Nok air ( :

  • Route : Bangkok - Koh Phagnan (via Nakornsithammarat airport) or Bangkok - Koh Phangan (via Suratthani airport)
  • A package of flight, bus and ferry from Bangkok to Koh Phagnan
  • Travelling time around 5.30 hours
  • Convenient without any problem for connecting between the airport to the Donsak pier

3. Air Asia : ( :

  • Route : Bangkok - Suratthani or Bangkok - Nakornsithammarat
  • Contact for a transportation from the airport to the Donsak pier include ticket to Koh Phangan at the transportation counter in the airport
  • Time consuming but is the most budget way

Travelling by bus or train

You can use the service of the Company like Lomprayah High Speed Catamaran ( for a direct overnight transfer from Kaosan Road by a coach to Chumporn Pier. Then the company will transfer you to the high speed Catamaran direct to Koh Phangan. This is the all inclusive service and cost around 1,000 THB / person. You can book this ticket online or at any travel agency in Bangkok.

Other more comfortable way is to take the government bus from the southern bus terminal in BKK. This will cost more but the bus will be a VIP class with 24 semi-reclining seats. The bus leaves BKK at night and transfer you to the ferry in Donsak pier at 8.00 am. Please contact any travel agency in BKK for more information or ticket.

For travelling by train, take an overnight train from the central train station in BKK. There are many prices ranges but we would recommend the sleeping train (select the lower bed for more comfort) This will stop at Suratthani train station which you can find an inclusive ticket to Koh Phangan easily. Please also contact any travel agency for more information.

Company website and contact

Ferry time table

1. Haad Rin Pier
( From Big buddha pier in Koh Samui - To Haad rin pier in Koh Phangan) ferry takes 45 minutes. Big buddha pier is 10 minutes from Samui airport and Haad rin pier is 5 minutes from resort. Free shuttle available on arrival all day (pre-book required)

2. Thong Sala Pier

Serving boat to and from Koh Tao, Main land (Suratthani or Nakornsithammarat), and Koh Samui. Thong Sala pier is located 30 minutes away from the resort. We provide a transer at the cost of 500 THB/trip, maximum for 4 pax. There are also many public taxi services at this pier 24 hours and cost 100 - 150 THB/person to the hotel

There are several ferry companies that service through this pier. Please visit the website for ferry time table and prices ;

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